About me

Hi. I’m Tim. I’m a scientist and engineer at Schrödinger in New York City, where I’m working on problems at the intersection of AI and pharmaceutical development.

I’ve had an odd career trajectory. I started as a programmer, went to graduate school in biochemistry and earned a degree in computational biology, but I eventually left research behind to become one of the first engineers at this goofy live video site, where some dude strapped a camera to his head and broadcast his life. It was an inexplicably bad career decision. But as further proof that even astronomically unlikely events will occur given sufficient outlook, that startup eventually became Twitch. I can’t explain it either.

Later, I was an early engineer at Yelp, where I did what would eventually be called “data science”, but at the time was just “science”. After that, I created a few things of my own (Omniref.com, Vayable.com), because life is too short not to take a few chances. Those didn’t really work out, but not for lack of trying.

I enjoy cooking, coffee, and a good onsen (温泉、look it up). You may contact me at tim@500errors.com

© 2017, Tim Robertson